Interactive stories allow readers to make choices which in turn determine the outcome of the story. NST allows authors to produce such content by bringing a full suite of tools to help you create, analyze and render both branching and nonlinear content, including stories, novels, poems, generic text, as well as music or films.

Meet the adorable chameleon Bungee and improve your brain power, skills and concentration through a Memory game. The game is predicted for a variety of generations, so it can be played by children and adults.

Farkle Battlefield is an original version of the classic Farkle game.
Its crisp design brings you the story of Calypsians, the super warriors which have lost their planet and are now trapped on a small moon, far away in the distant space.
Choose your tribe and roll your dice for glory and fame.

A casual game of a character jumping through a maze of obstacles.
Avoid shooting balls and lightning strikes to find out new strategies to reach the highest cube.
Collect shiny stars to unlock new characters.

Since its beginning, the world has gone through many epochs and eras, changes and still moments, and all kinds of natural and political disasters. Of course, all those events had an important story that helped humanity learn a new lesson. Nevertheless, each story starts at its own new beginning of time, as if every previous event has been long forgotten. Our story today is no exception.

Follow and collect the light orbs, go through mazes by controlling the light, and avoid as many obstacles as possible while exploring the mysterious path!
Playing Light the Light is simple. Touch anywhere on the screen and drag left or right to move the light.
Don’t forget to avoid the walls since your light will fade and the game will be over!

What do you do if you’re in Quarantine? WIPE: Toilet Plague of course!!

We (Mystive Studios) have set up a Two-Week Challenge (internal game jam) to create a project. No more, no less. And that’s where WIPE came out. Humorous, funny, multiplayer shooter about coronavirus, quarantine and urge to grab as much toilet paper as possible.
It was a fun journey, allowing us to gather inspiration by doing something entirely different.

Pocket Rocket-Hyper is an addicting game where you keep going up while dodging the many obstacles that come your way.
The only way to control the swinging rocket is to carefully time your tap when the rocket faces the direction you want it to go in.
As you fly up, remember to collect the ‘orbs’ which will form a shield and protect you from anything that might destroy the rocket. For those few seconds, you will also get a speed boost to help you blast past any obstacle that is in your way.

Are you ready to control a rogue star rushing through the cosmos?
Guide the glowing sphere through space while dodging the obstacles that are in your way.
You will be tempted to rush past them, but be patient, because it’s very easy to cause a supernova.